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Framed Sliding on the Water's Edge photograph
Sliding on the Water's Edge Photograph
Sliding on the Water's Edge Photograph
Item#: SLD-PHT
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What we have to say:
It actually takes great skill to skim on the waters edge... and for two grown men to glide so gracefully on the same board is a real feat. We love this image because looking at it we are transported into the scene... we can feel the day, the water and the glide.

This is a new print remastered from a vintage original. Printed on archival paper in a wood archival frame with UV glass. 11" x 14" image in a 16" x 20" frame.

Estimated shipping and packing fee is $35. within the USA.

Vintage Surf Photographs

Shortly after we first opened our doors we sold off an extensive collection of vintage surf memorabilia: boards, books, swimwear, photos... it put our shop on the map and created a challenge... how to satisfy the many following requests that we received for more. Boards we could handle as we have many more boards available then we show on the website or display in the store you need only ask. Each one tells its own tale and shines in its own glory. Photos are an entirely different story.

Occasionally we were able to bring in high quality, original vintage photographic prints and we just sold them... never to see them again. All we had at our disposal to bring in en mass were images already out in the marketplace. We were concerned that it might hurt our rep to offer images that could be easily found in the marketplace... so we stalled. We wanted images that not everyone had... images that told a fresh story, we wanted to offer great prints and we didn't want to feel as if we were selling out by selling shoddy reproductions.

Finally the time has arrived and we can fulfill your requests for high quality vintage surf images that your friends won't all have.

Our first release consists of seven images to choose from. Each one has been remastered from the original to produce this final result. Printed on high quality photographic paper, sold in archival wooden frames with archival mat and UV glass these images are ones we can stand behind, and they will stand the test of time.
Vintage Surf Photograph, Paddleboards in Santa Monica Bay
Long Beach Surf Competition, Vintage Surf Photo
Sliding on the Water's Edge Photograph

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