The Road
The Road
Living life with honesty, compassion and curiosity. Honoring others who do the same.

Artists and adventurers - creators, lovers, friends. Seekers of beauty who enjoy the sharing as much as the finding and owning.

Surfing Cowboys was born out of a desire to capture, share and embody the brilliant vitality of life. We actualize this attempt with creative expression, the way we decorate our space, with what and who we bring into our lives and the way we live our day to day.

The items we sell have a vitality of their own - as do the customers that purchase them. Our gift is in the cultivation, the curation, the appreciation, the letting go and the moving on.

We make our home in California - where the desert meets the sea - and there's an unwritten code of freedom that offers permission to become who you want to be - live how you want to live - to honor and respect oneself as well as all surrounding.

It's the wild west for the mind - as is our brand- always shifting yet remarkably staying the same.

There have been many firsts attributed to Surfing Cowboys----

First design shop to incorporate surfboards into the decor.
First highly decorated retail environment where all the props and decorations were for sale... in addition to the clothes.
First to mix mid-century design with mid-century surf.
First to incorporate 1960s-70's over-sized Redwood furniture (what we "sold" as mid-century California) into the highly styled design environment introducing it to the local architects and decorators.
First to create what is now referred to as 'The Surfing Cowboys' Style' - a manner of blending distinctly different items, seamlessly.
And - with every day there are more firsts... more discoveries, more ideas, more creations, more to share.

We love what we do and we love all of you, friends and supporters of this brand, and this way of being. It's one big wide open range out there... so great traveling across it together - each with our unique point of view and manner of creativity.

"Surfing Cowboys" is a phrase we coined over 25 years ago. It has grown to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. We've been calling it "a state of mind" since before we opened our doors in 1995.

We're glad that you've come along for the ride.

Wayne & Donna

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