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1970s Terry Martin "Homer's" Airbrushed Surfboard USA 1970s
1970s Terry Martin "Homer's" Airbrushed Surfboard1970s Terry Martin "Homer's" Airbrushed Surfboard
1970s Terry Martin "Homer's" Airbrushed Surfboard
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1970s Terry Martin "Homer's" Airbrushed Surfboard USA 1970s

Beautiful detachable single fin surfboard, by legendary shaper Terry Martin. Beautiful lines, amazing color. Gun nose and diamond tale bestowed with wonderful airbrush work spanning the spectrum make this a board worthy of any collection.

Terry Martin hs been shaping boards since age 14. He started working with Hobie Alter in Dana Point in the 1960s. At his own reckoning he has shaped over 75,000 surfboards. He is one of the most respected shapers in the Surf Industry.

At 6'8" and this light-weight board is an easy decorative item. The removable fin allows for flat presentation. The size is perfect for over a couch.

Condition* Good condition with a few dings as illustrated in photos

Measurements height: 6 ft. 8.5 in. depth: 2.5 in. width/length: 6 ft. 8 in.

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